How To Create Apple ID without a Credit Card [Any Country]

We all love free Apps. But its really annoying when we can’t download the App just because we don’t have an Apple ID. Not everyone has a Credit Card. There have been numerous tutorials written on the web which could help you create Apple ID on itunes without Credit Card, but recently people have been facing an error which says “Please contact Itunes Support to complete this transaction“.
I have seen many people facing this error and desperately looking for a solution to create a free Apple ID.

The Trick which most people used was to set USA as the default country and create an account, doesn’t seem to work any more. Guess, Apple has fixed the loophole now. The IP address of the user is now taken into consideration, so you may either want to us an US IP via a Proxy or perhaps use an easier method, if you aren’t particular about the country.

How do you create Apple ID without Credit Card Now?

Don’t worry, Apple seems to have made it easier to create an Account without a Credit Card, for all the countries.

If you try creating an Account directly you may not find the option “None” as the payment option, but there is a quick work around to get that option.

Open your iTunes, and go to any Free App/Game.

Now choose to download/install the App by clicking on Free App.
Now a dialog box will open asking you to Sign in or Create an account. Click on Create Apple ID
Choose to accept the terms and click on Continue/Next.

Now you will be asked to fill in the details of the Account: Email, Password, Security questions, DOB, etc. Fill in all those and continue to the next step.
Now You should be able to see the Payment Method Page. The major difference being, “None” option will be visible. India being chosen as the default country.
Choose None and you are done with Creating a new Apple ID.

I have tried it for other countries as well, haven’t faced any issues. For example, here is a screen shot showing Saudi Arabia.
Since Apple is still largely USA centric, some apps/features are US limited, so you may want to create an US Apple ID. For that you will need to use a Proxy, get an US IP then follow the same method.

Hope this solution comes as a relief to may people waiting desperately to create Apple ID for free. Do let me know if you face any issues, will be Glad to help you.


Some of the readers wanted to know if they could create the apple ID directly on the iphone/ipod/ipad.

Yes, you can! The steps remain more or less the same.

Creating US Apple Account for free directly on iPhone/iPod using Hotspot Shield

You need to get a US IP.

There are number of ways to get a US IP, you may use a free/paid web proxy service (ex: hidemyass), you could also use a VPN (ex: Hotspot Shield), or you could use a software to change IP (ex: ultrasurf, google for more options). Of these the most secure would be VPN.

I wouldn’t reveal my private info on a free public proxy service like hidemyass, so be very careful using such services.

The best option would be using a trusted VPN like Hotspot Shield

Choose to turn on VPN manually to make things easier.

Turn On the VPN


Confirm if the VPN is working by visiting (Location should show up at Anonymous Proxy)


Choose to Install any Free App via the App Store, then choose Create New Apple ID


Choose USA as the country


Agree to the terms


Choose None as the payment option


Enter the required details. You can also enter an iTunes Gift Card here.


Confirm the email address via the link you received in the email.


Voila! You are done!

Let me know if you face any issues!