How To Create Apple ID without a Credit Card [Any Country]

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We all love free Apps. But its really annoying when we can’t download the App just because we don’t have an Apple ID. Not everyone has a Credit Card. There have been numerous tutorials written on the web which could help you create Apple ID on itunes without Credit Card, but recently people have been facing an error which says “Please contact Itunes Support to complete this transaction“.
I have seen many people facing this error and desperately looking for a solution to create a free Apple ID.

The Trick which most people used was to set USA as the default country and create an account, doesn’t seem to work any more. Guess, Apple has fixed the loophole now. The IP address of the user is now taken into consideration, so you may either want to us an US IP via a Proxy or perhaps use an easier method, if you aren’t particular about the country.

How do you create Apple ID without Credit Card Now?

Don’t worry, Apple seems to have made it easier to create an Account without a Credit Card, for all the countries.

If you try creating an Account directly you may not find the option “None” as the payment option, but there is a quick work around to get that option.

Open your iTunes, and go to any Free App/Game.

Now choose to download/install the App by clicking on Free App.
Now a dialog box will open asking you to Sign in or Create an account. Click on Create Apple ID
Choose to accept the terms and click on Continue/Next.

Now you will be asked to fill in the details of the Account: Email, Password, Security questions, DOB, etc. Fill in all those and continue to the next step.
Now You should be able to see the Payment Method Page. The major difference being, “None” option will be visible. India being chosen as the default country.
Choose None and you are done with Creating a new Apple ID.

I have tried it for other countries as well, haven’t faced any issues. For example, here is a screen shot showing Saudi Arabia.
Since Apple is still largely USA centric, some apps/features are US limited, so you may want to create an US Apple ID. For that you will need to use a Proxy, get an US IP then follow the same method.

Hope this solution comes as a relief to may people waiting desperately to create Apple ID for free. Do let me know if you face any issues, will be Glad to help you.


Some of the readers wanted to know if they could create the apple ID directly on the iphone/ipod/ipad.

Yes, you can! The steps remain more or less the same.

Creating US Apple Account for free directly on iPhone/iPod using Hotspot Shield

You need to get a US IP.

There are number of ways to get a US IP, you may use a free/paid web proxy service (ex: hidemyass), you could also use a VPN (ex: Hotspot Shield), or you could use a software to change IP (ex: ultrasurf, google for more options). Of these the most secure would be VPN.

I wouldn’t reveal my private info on a free public proxy service like hidemyass, so be very careful using such services.

The best option would be using a trusted VPN like Hotspot Shield

Choose to turn on VPN manually to make things easier.

Turn On the VPN


Confirm if the VPN is working by visiting (Location should show up at Anonymous Proxy)


Choose to Install any Free App via the App Store, then choose Create New Apple ID


Choose USA as the country


Agree to the terms


Choose None as the payment option


Enter the required details. You can also enter an iTunes Gift Card here.


Confirm the email address via the link you received in the email.


Voila! You are done!

Let me know if you face any issues!

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  1. Adi says

    Done it both from iPad and iTunes desktop, each with different email, ID, and all, but it still shows that annoying error ‘please contact itunes support to complete this transaction’.

    So, I guess I have to use a US proxy to create account within my desktop iTunes….

  2. krish says

    hi Dr Kunal,
    i have been trying to use my apple ID with my ipod touch,
    It says now it requires to be reviewed.
    when i go ahead it asks for my payement details and there none option doesnt come.
    I tried to create a new ID but there also no “none” option pops up for selection. I am doing it from India so, it should recognize indian IP as u mentioned in ur blog, i am not sure what is going wrong and why that option is not appearing.
    i dont know wht to do, i can’t create another one neither i can use my old one.
    pls suggest me, if possible soon enough.


  3. Suyash says

    Its not working if I already have an apple Id and I want to download a free ap.
    It says, that this account needs to be reviewed. And in that process, it asks me to enter the credit card information, and there is no NONE button.

      • Olivia says

        Hi, I need to use an U.S itunes account too, but live in Canada 😛
        AND I get the same message: “Please contact itunes support to complete this transaction.”
        You mentioned getting a U.S IP using a ‘proxy’
        I am sorry, but I don’t really understand, could you please help me out? Thank you so much!

        • says

          There are number of ways to get a US IP, you may use a free/paid web proxy service (google “US proxy” for options), you could also use a VPN (like Hotspot Shield), or you could use a software to change IP (ex: ultrasurf, again google for more options). Of these the most secure would be VPN. I wouldn’t reveal my private info on a free public proxy service like hidemyass, so be very careful using such services.

          • Olivia says

            Oh okay, is it possible to do it directly on my ipod touch in a wi-fi area? This is because I don’t want my security to be at risk. Is VPN free? Thanks again!

              • Olivia says

                Sorry, another thing. Would this work for when I try to make in-app purchases with my U.S account? Because at the moment, it doesn’t let me since I am not physically in the United States and the message (please contact..transaction..) always pops up when I try to. So, my question is, will this help me make in-app purchases with my U.S account?
                Thanks so much!

                • says

                  You may face problem adding a Canadian CC with the US account, but if it’s done then there shouldn’t any problem with the in-app purchases. Alternatively you could open a US paypal account as a funding source. (Here again you will have to transfer funds from your Canadian Paypal Acc to US paypal acc. I would recommend keeping a very low bare minimum balance, as the US paypal account could be at a risk of being banned without address proof)

  4. Olivia says

    Hi again :)
    I finally got around to downloading that hotspot shield app.
    I started the trial and installed the vpn thing on my ipod and turned the VPN on.
    Sorry.. but NOW im completely lost and don’t know what to do now ;(
    How do I change it to a US IP address?

    • says

      Extremely sorry for replying late. Been real busy. When you activate the VPN, check if its working fine, visit; location should show up as Anonymous Proxy.
      Next, go to any free app, click on install. Then create a new ID. Enter all the info (choose USA as the country). You are done! It should work. I just tried it myself again, works perfectly fine. Will update the post shortly with the screenshot of the steps.

  5. Olivia says

    Wow thank you so much 😀
    While I do appreciate this, after waiting it out and trying to make the in app purchases again, it finally started allowing me to do so again without a problem. Therefore, I didn’t need the VPN. BUT, I still appreciate the updated post and still think I might need it in the future or something. SO thank you so much for your help! 😀

  6. Paulina says

    Hello! I need help. I already created an apple I.D. So I dont want to create another one plus I have loaded my $10 itunes gift card, I fon’t want it to go to waste. What do I do?

  7. Paulina says

    So i could do the same trick? Im in a different country thats why I created a US account and be able to use the itunes gift card but i kept on getting this error to contact itunes.

  8. says

    i have the please contact itunes support error. i have 3 ids, all with US address but im outside the us. i understand i need the hotspot software to change my ip. but i cant download it because i cant download anything on my ipod. it takes me to the TOS and then the form where i get the contact itunes support error again. :)

  9. says


    I posted yesterday and I saw it posted, but its not here anymore…dunno what happened.

    I was telling you that i cant download hotspot shield on my iOS device because i cant download anything on my ipod. I get taken to iTunes TOS and fill in the info and when I click next it tells me that I need to contact iTunes support to complete the transaction.

    So Last night i downloaded hotspot to my laptop and when I tried to open iTunes it tells me it cant reach the itunes store. Im connected to the internet can surf pages etc. But iTunes tells me it cant connect to the internet for some reason.

    Pls hlp.

  10. Dude says

    Just so everybody knows, none of what is written on this page works (anymore)!!!

    US IP? Check and verified via several websites that tell me I have a us ip.
    US cc info? Check.
    US address? Check.

    Tried to update the billing info on iTunes AND the website? Check.

    And yet, EVERY TIME you log into itunes you are posted to review the account, go through all the steps and see that for whatever reason, the security code of the cc is missing. Even though you entered it on the web and it still shows up there! And, you guessed it, when trying to click continue you are greeted with the beloved “contact itunes” error!

    So tell me Mr. Author, what else should I do when even a US IP does not grant me the ability to create an account. I mean, shouldn’t the emericans be mad? Apparently it is not possible to create itunes accounts in the US anymore. That should make people real mad, I’d say.

    • says

      Obviously you are going wrong somewhere. As you can see, I recently updated this post; using the same trick (hotspot shield) I was successfully able to create a US account without any issues. So the method DOES work!

      Another Advice: It is important that you leave your email ID in the box, how else will you know where you are going wrong without discussing the issue!

      • Dude says

        And where would that be? By getting a US IP? By trying to update the user and billing information both on the website and in iTunes? I am really curious, now.

        And how will I know were I am going wrong? I don’t know. You didn’t say anything that you didn’t already post. And why would I leave my email here when I can just revisit the site?

        • says

          From what I guess, you aren’t choosing “None” as the payment option during sign up. Am I right?

          Entering email ID, is for your own good. You get notifications when someone replies to your issues with possible solutions!

          • Dude says

            Exept that I did enter none as payment which also doesn’t work. Just as entereing US CC information does not work.

            Btw, choosing Canada as country and none as payment does also not work. And I am using Hotspot Shield. Each and every time it results in the same error message you describe in your very first screenshot. There is simply no way around this.

  11. Fanny says

    Hello, I’d like to know if the above method does work for iPads?

    I downloaded Hotspot Shield VPN on my iPad, but its server doesn’t seem to be stable, connecting issues kept coming up. I couldn’t complete creating an account because the VPN keeps getting turned off on its own (is this because Hotspot Shield is only compatible with iPhones and not iPads?).

    So I tried using VPNFire. I checked on like you said, and I didn’t get Anonymous Proxy, but a random location in the US. I tried twice, once it was in San Antonio, the other was Los Angeles. Seeing that the location was in US, i proceeded with creating an account following your steps. But I got that same error message of “Please contact iTunes Store support to complete the transaction”.

    I have no idea at all what to do for now. Would you please help me with this? I already bought a US iTunes gift card and I really don’t want it to go to waste. Thank you so much I will be waiting for your reply! :)

  12. Aaditya says

    I have internet connection in my samsung mobile and I connect it to my PC to run internet on my PC too.
    Is there a way that I can similarly connect an iphone to a laptop running on windows and run internet on that laptop?

    Please tell me.
    Thank You!

  13. Upender says

    Hi, sir. My name is upender I got an iPhone from us as a gift from my sis the problem is when I creat an apple Id it’s showing to verify n I had down in n number of ways even though my apple id is askng verfication again n again. Can u plz say whts the problem ?? I hope u reply me as soon as pod bile thank.

  14. Aaditya says

    Hello Techsplurge,
    I have to get a smartphone for my son but I am concerned about his safety. I have seen that there are adult apps on Android and I don’t like it for this. People say that iphone is safer because there are no actual adult images and videos on iphone, unlike Android. Is this true? Is iphone safer. I don’t want to download any app that filters such content. I just want a safe environment. Is environment of iphone worth safe to buy it over android. (as far as children safety is concerned) or are they same?
    Please tell :/
    Thank you

    • says

      Hello sir. Your concerns, as a father, are perfectly valid. I’ll break my answer in points:

      Are their adult apps for Android?

      Google has a strict policy against adult apps on the Play Store (Play Store is the official app store for Android). Such apps do get released on the Play Store, but are pulled down pretty quickly. iPhone has a similar policy against adult apps as well, but it is a lot more stricter than Android.

      What about Adult Videos and Images?

      Sadly, you cannot restrict the type of videos or images that can be stored in a phone. It doesn’t matter if it’s an Android or an iPhone, the user can anytime download it from the internet or transfer from a PC.

      Third: From my experience, adult videos are more of a concern than apps as they generally don’t contain nudity like videos.

      Please feel free to ask if you’ve got more questions. We’ll be more than happy to answer you :)

      Oh and if you don’t mind, I’ve got a personal suggestion. I know I’m no one to advise you, but still — Please think before gifting your son a phone that is worth more than 25-30 thousand rupees. Does he respect the value of money? And does he deserve it?

      • Aaditya says

        Dear Saket,
        Thank you for your generosity.

        I don’t mind your personal suggestion, instead, thanks for your interest too. :)
        My son is actually asking for iphone 5. Currently he has Samsung Bada. But I believe that perhaps he is eligible for it. Students of his age already have their own vehicles but when I asked him did he need one, he refused. He never asks for anything if he don’t feel that he need it.

        He says that he need iphone 5 for education and work because:
        1. He browse internet on mobile too much, for information and educational purposes. Internet and websites work better and faster on iphone as compared to Android.
        2. iOS has even those educational apps (like Investopedia) which Android doesn’t have.
        Are these reasons correct?

        Yes, sadly we cannot control what’s there over internet. I believe and hope that he will not visit those sort of sites but he is definitely going to use the app store. On Android, I am forced to confront bad apps like ‘remove clothes’, and others (I must not mention there names) which have actual unacceptable images (thought not complete nudity)

        I know I might be asking for too much information and time from you, but you see, I don’t have many options to rely upon. Right now I know only one blog which is generous enough to help its users: TechSplurge. That’s why I’m here.

        Thanking you in anticipation.

  15. Nikhil says

    Thanks a lot buddy. Your article really helped me out to make the us apple account. But i did all of the procedure on a laptop running windows 7 rather than on iphone itself. First i downloaded hotspot shield program for windows, installed it and ran it. Made sure that my ip address was being displayed as a US one by checking on Then i opened gmail and made a totally new mail with an american sounding name. By default the location was being displayed US during the creation of my new id. I didn’t use any recovery options at first because i didn’t want anything from outside US attached to this email while i was going to make an US apple ID using this one. Next i opened iTunes and switched to us store by selecting it from bottom of the page. Bought a free app on store and started making a new apple ID using the same name and the gmail account i just made. In the billing information i just used the address of some random apartments from on of the cities in the country and noted the phone number of the same and put it in the ID with a a couple of digits changed. Clicked next and VOILA! It sent a verification mail to my email which i was able to verify successfully. I WAS IN THE US APP STORE WITH MY NEW ID. i double checked access to everything later on by turning hotspot shield off and it was all just fine.

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