Apollo – An Awesome Music Player App by CyanogenMod for Android

There’s a new music player application in the town – Apollo. Developed by Andrew, a CyanogenMod crew member, the music player app has actually been around a while in development stage, but it has finally reached very close to completion and has now been merged with CyanogenMod, which means that it’ll be the default player for CM now on (it will also be available as a separate app on the Play Store though)

apollo (1) recently added tracks albums list

The application basically looks like a modded version of Google Music application with lots of changes, extra features added on top and a light theme minus Google Music streaming

The most awesome feature is the queue list. Long-pressing the bottom action bar stacks up the queued songs in a way similar to Android ICS’s recent apps view which can be scrolled up or down. Sweet! Though, you cannot swipe horizontally to remove a song from the list.

Download: Apollo (Android 4.0 ICS Only)

  • Since it’s a CyanogenMod app, it is a lot customizable. Custom themes for the app can easily be designed.
  • Artist images and album arts are automatically fetched from the internet.
  • Playback can be controlled from the notifications drawer and lock-screen.lockscreen and notifications drawer
  • Swiping the bottom action bar presents a set of extra music controls.
  • scrollable bottom action bar
  • An equalizer is also included for several presets.
  • Apollo also packs in three different widgets which are, again, simply light versions of Google Music widgets.

 apollo (2) apollo (7)

Coming Soon

Upon its completion, Apollo will will pack in more features such as artist and album info, Last.fm scrobbling, artist events, more app widgets, and even more customization.

  • Automatic fetching of album art and artist images cannot be disabled manually.
  • Some album arts are incorrectly attached to different albums.
  • Settings are right now next to none. However, I guess they’re on its way as this screenshot suggests.
  • My biggest gripe about Apollo (and Google Music too) is its inability to advance songs to the next album on completion when I’ve selected a track from a specific album. This is a reason why I’m still using PowerAmp.

Overall, Apollo is really an awesome music player with an awesome User Interface. It is free and is worth giving a shot. Right now, it is only compatible with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. but the developer says it’ll be available for older versions of Android soon upon hitting in the Play Store in a couple of days.