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HOW TO Root Samsung Galaxy S3 Easily [Step by Step Guide]

May 22nd, 2012 by

Samsung Galaxy S III has barely reached a few countries after its launch and it has already been rooted by Android developers at XDA forums. This process to obtain root involves flashing an insecure kernel using Odin.

The whole process for rooting Samsung Galaxy S3 is pretty simple to do and even those people who‘re not familiar with rooting should find it easy, given that all the mentioned steps are followed carefully and in proper order. Without wasting any more time, let’s move ahead and learn how to root Samsung Galaxy s3.

Prerequisites for Rooting Samsung Galaxy S3

  • Make sure that Samsung Kies is installed on your computer. It contains necessary phone drivers required for rooting. (Official Download Link).
  • Neither the phone nor the computer/laptop should accidentally switch off in between the rooting process. It might damage your phone forever. Maintain a battery of atleast 40%-60% in Galaxy S3 and either use a laptop or a desktop with an UPS.
  • Your Galaxy S 3 will lose warranty after this process. Though, you can unroot Samsung Galaxy S3 anytime to get back warranty.

rooting samsung galaxy s3

Files Needed


  1. [Link fixed] Odin 3.04 – A Windows tool for flashing kernels, ROMs etc., to an Android phone.
  2. CF-Root – aka root for beginners. Download the latest version from the page.

Only proceed if your device model is GT-I9300 or GT-I9300T. If your model number has a suffix, it may not work and may even brick your phone. To check your model version, go to Settings > About phone and scroll down to the bottom.

Steps on How to Root Samsung Galaxy S3

Step 1. Enable debugging mode in your phone by going to:

<code> Settings > Developer Options > Check USB Debugging</code.

Step 2. Power-off your Galaxy S3 and then start it in Download Mode by simultaneously pressing Volume-down + Home + Power buttons.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S3 with Odin

Step 3. Plug your Samsung Galaxy S3 to a computer using a microUSB cable (that one provided with your phone).

Step 4. Launch Odin. The first box under the text ID:COM will light up to yellow as shown in the screenshot:


If the box doesn’t turn yellow, it’s an indication that you’re doing something wrong. Go back to Step 1 and see if you’ve completed every step properly.

Also, ensure that Flash lock and Re-Partition are not checked.

Step 5. In Odin, Click on PDA and choose the zip file that you’ve just downloaded.

Now, we’re ready to flash. Hit the Start button and grab a popcorn.

After completion, your device will now be rooted. Feel free to ask any questions related to rooting Samsung Galaxy 3 by dropping a comment below 🙂

Full credits to Chainfire for this!

(34) Comments

  1. Britto Arthur

    You missed out the last step: Extract contents of into \android-sdk\platform-tools (adb.exe should be here). After flashing "CF-Insecure-SGS3_XX_NEE_ALE8-v1.2.tar" and after device reboots run install.bat from \android-sdk\platform-tools

  2. kam

    didnt get the last bit is this in the pc or s3 n how to get in there ? Extract contents of into \android-sdk\platform-tools (adb.exe should be here). After flashing “CF-Insecure-SGS3_XX_NEE_ALE8-v1.2.tar” and after device reboots run install.bat from \android-sdk\platform-tools

  3. Shin

    Interesting, I wanna ask about how to unroot back to the first form of firmware, without any trace of the previous root data in S3 system. So the warranty is gotten back :)

    1. Saket - Post author

      Crap, I'm really sorry about this. I've fixed the download link, it should work fine now. Thanks for notifying Dominic! Anyway, here is the new link: Use "techsplurge" as the password.

  4. oliver

    Great work! Just a newbie question, what is the difference between a CF-root and a normal root? Besides a CF-root being only able to use stock Samsung kernels, are there things you can't do without going full/normal root?

    1. Saket - Post author

      Hi Oliver, CF-root stands for Chainfire-root. It has been developed by a developer who goes with the name of Chainfire. Apart from just rooting a phone, CF-Root also packs in the SuperSU app, custom recovery (ClockWorkMod) and a CWM Manager app in your phone, which is handy for managing your ROMs :)

  5. Maul

    erm ? and reply to what kam asked ? i am a newbie at this so need it spelled out with all the steps and where to put stuff so i dont brick with nubness please ;)

  6. Christopher

    I'm having the same exact problem. Do you know if this will work on the US version? The Sprint version to be more precise? If not, which i doubt since you clearly state it is only for the int version, do you know of a link that will provide me a fix for my version? I've searched through XDA w/o any luck. Thanks ahead of time, and hope to hear from you

  7. SAJ!

    Hi, Could you tell us why a cellphone would need a rooting? I mean what are the benefits of rooting? Actually i have no idea what this thing is and why should i root my phone and what i will i achieve by that? Thank you in advance. SAJ!

  8. darin

    my phone is stuck in the "downloading do not turn off target!!!" screen, odin is running with the yellow box running, but the program wont allow me to select the .zip and now i'm scared to TURN OFF MY PHONE!!!!

  9. Raul Alvarez

    UPDATE: in the current version of Odin 3 (v3.04), the first box under the text ID:COM will light up to a pale blue instead of the previous yellow. FYI, 'cause I thought I was doing something wrong :D Thanks for the guide!

  10. Cindy Backstein

    Trying to restore deleted text messages. Says to download Kies, which I am doing. However I have a question on the model number restriction. says to use only on a GT19300 or GT19300T. If I open about on my phone and go to the bottom it says Hardware Version I535.10. I can't find anything about a GT. Hope you see and answer this tonight (like now) as I need to do this before I have to use my phone In the morning. Can't find if I should not use this method or not since I can't find a GT.

    1. Perusha

      Hi there. I have a Samsung s 3 mini - GT-I8190. I accidentally deleted my photos on the camera folder of my phone. I see i have to root my fone and then download Dr. Fone or Squiddoo etc. And hopefully restore the photos I lost. The rooting app says not to proceed if GT-I9300 and 9300T. What do i do ??

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