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4 Awesome Lock Screen Apps for Android with Amazing Themes

May 28th, 2012 by

Customization is the probably the best part of Android which we users generally boast of. Don’t like your launcher? Change it! Want a new web-browser? Replace it! Lock Screen seems to be boring? Get a new one!

We are starting a new series for our readers having an Android. We will feature some great applications that can replace your old stock Android apps on your phone like lock-screen, video player and a lot more:

  1. 4 Awesome Lock Screen Apps for Android with Amazing Themes (Currently viewing)
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In this part, we will show you how you can replace your old school lock screen with a fancy new one. Enough talking, scroll down and browse our favorite lock screen apps for Android:

1. MiLocker


MiLocker is probably the best lock screen Android app that packs in some stunning lock screen themes. The lock screen app is a work of the MIUI team who are responsible for the popular MIUI ROM.

There are no less than 150 themes available in the market and all of them are available for free, which are accessible and downloadable within the app. Each lock screen theme has a different unlock mechanism and cannot be customized.

You may have to disable your phone’s system lock-screen by from Settings in order to use MiLocker as it seems to have a problem in bypassing it, at least on my Galaxy S II running a custom ROM.

Play Store: MiLocker (Free)

2. Go Locker

go locker - best lock screen android app

Go Locker is my favorite lock screen android app, which is made by the popular ‘GO’ team, known for their awesome apps. The app is highly customizable and even features security unlock options such as pattern, PIN and even gesture unlock!

There. Browsing the GO Store is a little tedious process where, when seeing a particular theme, the back button, which is supposed to go back by one step, instead brings back directly to the app home-screen can be annoying sometime.

Overall, Go Locker is a great app, works perfectly and has a thriving community of theme developers and ‘GO’ fans. This lock screen android app requires GO launcher to be installed.

Play Store: GO Locker (Free)

3. MagicLocker


MagicLocker is another feature-rich lock screen app for Android. Every theme can be customized such as the wallpaper, personalized text, application shortcuts etc.

This lock screen app boasts of almost 200 themes though I only found a small portion of them to be good, excluding paid themes.

One disadvantage of MagicLocker is its that it can be bypassed easily by pressing the home or menu button. This can be solved by having a system screen lock though.

Play Store: MagicLocker (Free)

4. 91 Locker

91 locker

Unlike other lock screen Android apps which contain several themes, 91 Locker has only one theme design but is worth checking out. It shows unread messages and missed calls which can accessed directly from the screen. Further, there is a ring which works in a similar way to Android 4.0 ICS ring lock screen.

Play Store: 91 Locker

Conclusion – The Best Lock Screen Android App

These four apps are probably the best you can find on the market right now. My favorite is Go Locker because of two factors – first, All the themes are awesome and second, it works perfectly without any glitches. MiLocker is equally good but it’s inability to bypass system screen lock is a small drawback. Though, it can be solved by disabling your system lock.

Which one is your favorite?

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  1. Satish Kumar Mahankuda

    On GO locker u can't use the handsfree controls such as play/pause or playing next song while listening to music on the go. Thatas the biggest drawback. suggest one which dont hv this problem

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