vWallpaper Brings Video / Live Wallpapers to your iPhone 4S



iPhone 4S in itself is a style statement and has a lot to offer to keep you entertained. Still, if you are looking for ways to enhance your phone and make it cooler, what better way than get an animated / video wallpaper. This is the only feature, which Android fans can boast about, since Apple doesn’t officially provide this feature. But thanks to the vWallpaper app, the jailbroken iPhone 4S can now get it, leaving Android fans furious :P

vWallpaper offers the ability to add videos, cool effects (particles, 3D objects), HTML widgets and more on your Springboard and device’s lock screen.

Send postcards the easy way using Postcard On The Run app [iOS and Android App]


pc-logoRemember those days, when there was no phone/email and you had to send letters/postcards to your loved ones, just to let them know you are fine or away on a vacation?

Though a time consuming process, it had it’s own sweetness.

Postcard on the Run App allows you to send a fully customized postcard to multiple recipients easily right from the comfort of your phone.