Google Chrome Beta for Android 4.0 Released


Finally, as Google had intended since long, Google Chrome Android 4.0 has landed with a simple user interface and few great features. The app is focused on bringing the desktop and mobile version together by offering seamless sync of tabs and bookmarks. The application interface is beautiful and reminds about every bit of the app’s […]

[Tip] How to Restrict Internet Connectivity to Certain Applications in Android


An Android phone hogs internet data much more than a normal phone. This is particularly because of all the background stuff going on like syncing contacts, photos, instant messages, social network updates, email and much more.

Some people might like to limit the connectivity to certain applications. avast! Mobile Security and Internet Firewall are two of my favorite applications to do this job. They act like a firewall which restricts the connectivity to particular apps, just like in your PC.

Switchme App for Android Lets you Have Multiple User Accounts on your Phone


Ever wished to have multiple user accounts on your Android just like in your computer? A new app for Android, Switchme, lets you do that!

It can create multiple profiles (like a guest profile) in your phone which you can switch between anytime. It saves all the information for a particular profile including your applications and data as a file in the memory.

Official Wikipedia App for Android Released, Get it Now


wikipedia-android-appWikipedia, the largest encyclopaedia known to the mankind containing more than 20 million articles in 280+ languages, has released it’s official application for Android. The application UI (user interface) is pretty sleek and very neat and packs in a bunch of features.

The app is more convenient to use than using Wikipedia’s web-page, though there are few good un-official apps for Wikipedia in the market too, Wiki Encyclopedia and Wapedia being the good ones. Apart from few areas where the offiial app lacks, there are still many good features to make it stand out of the crowd.

Your Ultimate Guide for Following CES 2012 even if you weren’t Invited


Consumer Electronics Show 2012, an event where various companies feature their latest software and hardware products, has almost started. Although, scheduled to to run from January 10th to 13th for 4 days, CES 2012 has already begun on 8th Jan. with various announcements, press-events etc. and we’re as excited as you are for the event as you’re 😉

If rumors are to be believed, several new thinner tablets, faster phones, ultra-thin TVs, ultrabooks and much more are going to be unveiled.

The show is an invite-only event. So, if you weren’t on the invited list (like me), here’s a quick guide on how you can keep yourself updated about everything that happens in the upcoming show.

To Samsung: Honey, you are killing your Customers


ics_thumbIf there’s one big thing that Android phone manufacturers are doing since the birth of Android, it is their update policy. Recently, Samsung clarified that their second-most-popular-phone-ever will not be getting any taste of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Why? Because Samsung says it’s not possible for them to deliver an ICS update packed with their Touchwiz 3.0 UI.

Probable Reasons?

  1. You want your customers to buy newer phones (Galaxy S3?)
  2. It’s really not possible to update Galaxy S to ICS.

Both of them are possible, but the first one sounds more reasonable.

SanDisk Memory Zone: The best Android App to Manage Files Stored on Multiple Cloud Storage Services


Sandisk (1)The word ‘Cloud’ has been synonymous with Android since its birth, integrated to its core. In recent times, with the launch of free cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Docs, Picasa and more, it has become quite difficult to manage files stored on the cloud from a mobile.

Enter SanDisk Memory Zone application, a combination of a File manager + Cloud storage manager + Data protector + Backup utility. I discovered this app while searching for a file manager for my not-so-geeky friend who owns a HTC ChaCha (aka Status). Sure, there are some advanced file managers out there like Total Commander, File expert etc. but he wanted an intuitive interface rather than being one for nerds.

CyanogenMod 9 for Samsung Galaxy S II Released [Hands-On Review]


The CyanogenMod team gave an awesome Christmas gift yesterday for all the Galaxy S II users. Finally, after waiting for about two months after the launch of Ice Cream Sandwich, they’ve released CyanogenMod 9 as an experimental build for the S2. Wuuf, this took more time than I wanted (not expected).

It is still under heavy development and will probably be finished in January/February 2012. Anyways, here’s my review after using the ROM for a couple of hours, in Bullet Style.

The All New Dropbox (beta) for Android is Here, Download it Now [Review]


Dropbox new UIDropbox, the most popular free cloud storage provider is planning to unveil a new update to its Android application very soon. It has posted a beta version at it’s forum which brings a cleaner interface and lot of new features.

The new app is being developed keeping Ice Cream Sandwich’s user interface in mind. Since the birth of Android 4,0, lots of applications have undergone UI changes, featuring better interfaces, which is a good thing.

6 Awesome Reddit Apps for Android Users


reddit-androidWhen it comes to wasting loads of hours on the internet everyday, nothing can beat Reddit. And when you’ve an super-phone with a big screen running Android, reddit is more fun to browse.

At the time of writing, the Android market is currently filled with more than 20 applications dedicated to reddit. Although they all promise to make the ‘reddit experience’ better on Android, only few of them look to actually fulfil this.

I used almost every single app present out there and found 7 gems out of them, featured inside.