Create GIF Cinemagraphs With Microsoft Cliplets


There are plenty of ways to create such amazing cinemagraphs, mainly using Photoshop. However it is a very tedious process to create it that way. Fortunately the Redmond giant, Microsoft comes with a wonderful tool called Cliplets which lets you do the job in a much easier way

Download Game of Thrones Theme for Windows 7


Game of Thrones second season was just over and all of us Game of Thrones’ fans have to wait all the way till April 2013 for the third season to begin. For now, you can enjoy the Game of Throne theme with 12 full HD wallpapers.

Windows 7 Users, You Can Disable that Nasty ‘Safely Remove Hardware’ Feature


One of the most annoying ritual performed by windows users while using USB drives in Windows is to hit the divine “Safely Remove Hardware” option before removing the drive. Unless you are stupid enough to remove your removable drive in the middle of a data transfer, there is no reason not to remove it directly

Did you know that in Windows 7, you no longer need to ‘Safely Remove Hardware