Editorial Team

At TechSplurge, where passion for technology and dedication to clarity meet. Here, you’ll find a group of individuals who are more than just names on a screen. Each person brings a unique set of skills, perspectives, and insights to the table, united by a common goal: to demystify tech for everyone. From the intricacies of PCs and hardware to the latest in consumer electronics, our team covers it all with precision and a touch of humanity. We believe in cutting through the noise, offering straightforward, insightful content that resonates with both tech enthusiasts and newcomers alike. So, dive into our world, where every article, review, and guide is crafted with you in mind.


PCs & Hardware

Justin Meyers, Editor-in-Chief

At TechSplurge.com, oversees all content related to PC & Hardware. With extensive experience in tech journalism, his strategic vision ensures that reviews are insightful and forward-thinking. Under his guidance, readers stay informed about the latest trends and technologies.



Mark Bowker, Lead Analyst

As Lead Analyst for PC & Hardware, Mark Bowker at TechSplurge.com excels in dissecting product performance and industry movements. His analysis informs comprehensive evaluations, assisting audiences in understanding market shifts and device functionalities.




James Risley, Analysts

TechSplurge.com relies on James Risley for thorough and accurate analysis within the PC & Hardware sector. His detailed reviews help demystify complex specifications for tech enthusiasts, providing clarity and supporting savvy decision-making.



Consumer Electronics & Mobile

Kevin McCaney, Managing Editor

Kevin McCaney, one of the Managing Editors at TechSplurge.com, coordinates content flow across Consumer Electronics & Mobile categories. His editorial skills ensure seamless integration of information, facilitating an engaging reader experience in a dynamic tech environment.




Gabriel Brown, Lead Analyst

Gabriel Brown stands as the Lead Analyst for Consumer Electronics & Mobile at TechSplurge.com. His expertise offers deep insights into mobile technologies and gadgets, enriching readers’ understanding and guiding their consumer choices.




Sarah Lord, Analyst

Sarah Lord analyzes Consumer Electronics & Mobile technologies for TechSplurge.com. Her evaluations break down technical jargon into user-friendly advice, aiding readers in navigating through new gadgets and tech updates.



Technology News & Features

Roman Gokhman, Executive Editor

Roman Gokhman serves as Executive Editor for Technology News & Features at TechSplurge.com. His role involves overseeing the production of in-depth tech news and features that inform readers about latest industry developments. Roman’s leadership ensures that content is both accurate and engaging.



Maria Loreto, Senior News Reporter

Senior News Reporter Maria Loreto specializes in breaking news within the tech scene for TechSplurge.com. Her reports provide timely insights into technology trends and major events, helping audiences stay ahead with reliable information.




Matthew Daneman, Senior Features Editor

Matthew Daneman, as the Senior Features Editor at TechSplurge.com, excels in covering the intricacies of software and applications. His articles delve deeply into how these technologies impact users and industries, offering readers comprehensive insights and analysis. His expertise ensures that each feature not only informs but also enriches understanding of the digital tools shaping our world.




Seth Putnam, Editor, Help & How To

As the Help & How To Editor at TechSplurge.com, Seth Putnam crafts guides that simplify complex tech processes for users. His tutorials help readers utilize technology more effectively, enhancing their everyday tech experience.



Video, Art & Production

Kelly Whalen, Senior Video Producer

Kelly Whalen is the Senior Video Producer in the Video, Art & Production department at TechSplurge.com. She creates visual content that complements textual narratives, offering viewers dynamic and informative tech-related videos.




Joshua Berger, Designer

Joshua Berger works as a Designer in the Video, Art & Production team at TechSplurge.com. His designs enhance articles and videos, making complex information visually appealing and easier to digest for audiences.




Steve Hymon, Photographer

Photographer Steve Hymon captures compelling images for TechSplurge.com. His photographs visually narrate stories, adding depth to the coverage of tech events and features.



Growth & Engagement

Jennifer Hick, Head of Audience Growth

Jennifer Hick leads the Audience Growth team at TechSplurge.com. Her strategies significantly increase reader engagement across platforms, ensuring content reaches a broader audience.




Michael Better, Manager, Social Media

As the Social Media Manager, Michael Better implements innovative strategies to boost TechSplurge.com’s presence on social media platforms. His efforts foster community interactions and enhance audience engagement with the brand.




William Sullivan
A 35-year-old technology enthusiast from Chesapeake, Virginia, is a prominent contributor to TechSplurge. With a keen interest in the latest electronics devices, software, and apps, William brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to the platform. His articles often explore the intersection of technology and daily life, aiming to demystify complex tech concepts for the site’s audience. Residing in the United States, William’s expertise and passion for technology make him a valuable asset to the TechSplurge community, where he continues to inspire and educate readers about the ever-evolving world of technology.


Eric Pulier
At the age of 40, Eric Pulier stands out as a distinguished contributor to TechSplurge, based in Los Angeles, California. His extensive background in technology, combined with a deep passion for electronics devices, software, and apps, enables him to produce content that resonates with tech enthusiasts and professionals alike. Eric’s contributions to the site are not just informative but are also aimed at sparking curiosity and fostering a deeper understanding of technology among readers. His unique perspective and insightful commentary have made him a beloved figure within the TechSplurge community, where he continues to share his knowledge and experiences from the heart of the tech world in the United States.