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Techsplurge.com is on the lookout for enthusiasts like you who breathe technology and are eager to share their knowledge and discoveries with the world. Whether it’s the latest in gadgets, breakthroughs in technology, insightful how-tos, or analyses on the future of tech, we’re interested in publishing content that informs, educates, and excites our tech-savvy readers. If you’ve got content that can make our readers think, learn, or be amazed, we want to hear from you. Reach out to us via contact@techsplurge.com, and let’s make technology splurge together!

Guidelines & Requirements

Content Quality and Originality

  1. Familiarize yourself with Techsplurge.com’s content tone, style, and format. Your submission should seamlessly fit into our existing content ecosystem.
  2. Originality is paramount. Submit only unique content that hasn’t been published elsewhere, including your own blog or social media. If you’re adapting a previous work of yours, ensure it’s completely reimagined and include the original link for plagiarism verification. We strictly prohibit duplicate content to maintain our site’s integrity.
  3. Articles must be comprehensive, ranging between 1,000 and 3,500 words, to provide thorough insight into the topic.

Writing Standards

  1. Ensure accuracy in your facts and citations. Techsplurge.com values the trust of its readers and expects all contributions to uphold this principle.
  2. Spelling and grammar should be impeccable. We recommend thorough proofreading before submission to avoid common errors.
  3. Write in an active voice to maintain clarity and engagement. Pay attention to sentence structure to enhance readability.
  4. Techsplurge.com reserves the right to edit submissions for tone, style, and to add or modify links and information, including affiliate links, as deemed appropriate.

Representation and Redistribution

  1. Contributions are considered guest posts and should not be republished elsewhere. Any desire to repurpose the content must align with Techsplurge.com’s interests and with prior agreement.
  2. Contributors should not imply employment or official representation of Techsplurge.com.
  3. For proposals or collaboration ideas, please get in touch via email with relevant details.

Photo Submission Guidelines

  1. Only submit photos with no copyright restrictions, sourced from legitimate platforms or personally owned. Clearly attribute credit if necessary.
  2. Photos must be high-definition (minimum 1,200 px) and submitted in JPEG format.
  3. The editorial team reserves the right to select, edit, or remove images to best fit the article and site aesthetic.

Submission Process

Submit your article and accompanying images (if any) in a ZIP folder, including your personal details and contact email, to EMAIL.

Selection and Publication

Submissions are reviewed for quality, relevance, originality, and adherence to our guidelines. Due to the volume of submissions, only those of interest will be contacted via email. Techsplurge.com maintains full discretion over the final edits and publication of submitted content.

For more information or to submit your content, reach out to us at contact@techsplurge.com.

We’re excited to see your unique perspectives on technology. Write for Techsplurge.com and contribute to spreading tech wisdom and innovation to our global audience!