Adobe Photoshop CS 6 Beta Released and is Available for Free for Limited Time


Adobe Photoshop has been the mother of all image editing suite ever to be made. Ask any professional graphics designer or any beginner in that same field and the only name that you’re gonna hear is – Photoshop.

Adobe has just released Photoshop CS6 for beta testing. It sports a shiny new dark user interface, a full design overhaul from its grey-ish CS5 interface along with lots of new features which you can find below. We’ll rant about them in a day or two with our detailed review.

Wait, that’s not all folks. Photoshop CS6 is completely free till it’s in beta period! I’m completely sure this is gonna save a lot of time (and bandwidth too) for several thousand torrent seeders out there ;)

Install Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on PC in Two Clicks


Android 4.0 is not yet available for most of the phones easily, but if you want to taste some sweet Ice Cream Sandwich, you can easily do that in your own computer. You can then use it as an emulator for testing applications if you’re a developer or exploring Android 4.0 if you plan to […]

Your Ultimate Guide for Following CES 2012 even if you weren’t Invited


Consumer Electronics Show 2012, an event where various companies feature their latest software and hardware products, has almost started. Although, scheduled to to run from January 10th to 13th for 4 days, CES 2012 has already begun on 8th Jan. with various announcements, press-events etc. and we’re as excited as you are for the event as you’re ;)

If rumors are to be believed, several new thinner tablets, faster phones, ultra-thin TVs, ultrabooks and much more are going to be unveiled.

The show is an invite-only event. So, if you weren’t on the invited list (like me), here’s a quick guide on how you can keep yourself updated about everything that happens in the upcoming show.

To Samsung: Honey, you are killing your Customers


ics_thumbIf there’s one big thing that Android phone manufacturers are doing since the birth of Android, it is their update policy. Recently, Samsung clarified that their second-most-popular-phone-ever will not be getting any taste of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Why? Because Samsung says it’s not possible for them to deliver an ICS update packed with their Touchwiz 3.0 UI.

Probable Reasons?

  1. You want your customers to buy newer phones (Galaxy S3?)
  2. It’s really not possible to update Galaxy S to ICS.

Both of them are possible, but the first one sounds more reasonable.