Your Ultimate Guide for Following CES 2012 even if you weren’t Invited


Consumer Electronics Show 2012, an event where various companies feature their latest software and hardware products, has almost started. Although, scheduled to to run from January 10th to 13th for 4 days, CES 2012 has already begun on 8th Jan. with various announcements, press-events etc. and we’re as excited as you are for the event as you’re ;)

If rumors are to be believed, several new thinner tablets, faster phones, ultra-thin TVs, ultrabooks and much more are going to be unveiled.

The show is an invite-only event. So, if you weren’t on the invited list (like me), here’s a quick guide on how you can keep yourself updated about everything that happens in the upcoming show.

To Samsung: Honey, you are killing your Customers


ics_thumbIf there’s one big thing that Android phone manufacturers are doing since the birth of Android, it is their update policy. Recently, Samsung clarified that their second-most-popular-phone-ever will not be getting any taste of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Why? Because Samsung says it’s not possible for them to deliver an ICS update packed with their Touchwiz 3.0 UI.

Probable Reasons?

  1. You want your customers to buy newer phones (Galaxy S3?)
  2. It’s really not possible to update Galaxy S to ICS.

Both of them are possible, but the first one sounds more reasonable.

CyanogenMod 9 for Samsung Galaxy S II Released [Hands-On Review]


The CyanogenMod team gave an awesome Christmas gift yesterday for all the Galaxy S II users. Finally, after waiting for about two months after the launch of Ice Cream Sandwich, they’ve released CyanogenMod 9 as an experimental build for the S2. Wuuf, this took more time than I wanted (not expected).

It is still under heavy development and will probably be finished in January/February 2012. Anyways, here’s my review after using the ROM for a couple of hours, in Bullet Style.

6 Awesome Reddit Apps for Android Users


reddit-androidWhen it comes to wasting loads of hours on the internet everyday, nothing can beat Reddit. And when you’ve an super-phone with a big screen running Android, reddit is more fun to browse.

At the time of writing, the Android market is currently filled with more than 20 applications dedicated to reddit. Although they all promise to make the ‘reddit experience’ better on Android, only few of them look to actually fulfil this.

I used almost every single app present out there and found 7 gems out of them, featured inside.

Apps Round-up: The Best Productivity Apps for iPhone


Productivity-AppsThe list of Productivity apps that might interest you, depends actually upon what you expect out of your iPhone. I will detail some areas below and the apps suitable for getting the work done with the greatest speed and ease. These apps will let you share, sync, download, make music, communicate and do a lot more with your iPhone.

21 Best Android Widgets that Make Android So Special

Scan Using Barcode Scanner For Android

One of the major things that separates Android from iOS is the ability to add widgets on the home screens. Widgets can be a cool way to interact with your smartphone and while you get basic calendar, clock, Facebook and other widgets with your smartphone, the online community i.e the Android Market has a lot more to offer.

Here are some of the best widgets available for your Android, both paid and free, ranging from full widget packs to small single purpose clock/battery widgets to customize your super phone.

Pidgin: Revisiting the Most Under-rated IM client for Windows

Pidgin User Interface

Pidgin always had the love of Linux users and due to its vast pool of plugins and multi network support (more than 16), its arguably one of the best chat client on windows as well.

It was originally created in 1998 with the name: Gaim. It’s completely free and open source. Did I tell you that its available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, BSD, Solaris and even Amiga!

The best part of Pidgin is that, unlike other desktop clients such as Digsby,Yahoo! etc. which show nagware and spam you to the core, Pidgin lets you do what you intend to: Chat Peacefully! It sits quietly in the tray so that it won’t come in your way.

All the Awesome Things about Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (18 New Features) Explained


interfaceThe next-gen Android 4.0 has finally been announced along with the all-new Galaxy Nexus (minus Prime), for which we all were waiting for several days. ICS sports a complete refreshing overhaul of Android and a plethora of new features.

From a complete re-designed and polished interface to handy features & gestures, Android 4.0 has a lot of things to offer. So what exactly has changed in Ice Cream and what’s so delicious about it? Let’s find out.

Move aside Siri, your Android Competitor is Here – Iris


When apple unveiled Siri on the iPhone 4S, we, Android owners became really jealous of it. Further, all the youtube videos and funny conversations with Siri (StuffSiriSaid) added more salt to it.

Behold! Narayan Babu, with his Dexetra team, has built a personal assistant app (sort of), similar to Siri – Iris. Yepp, that’s Siri spelled backwards. What’s interesting to note here is that he built this funky app within 8 hours in a hackathon. The name has also got a crazy expansion - Intelligent Rival Imitator of Siri.