Make your Android go Awesome with These 15+ Tasker Profiles [Tutorials]



Tasker is one of the best applications ever built for android and is among the important reasons why I chose an android as my companion. From automating phone profiles to acting as a location reminder tool, it does everything that I can think of and pushes the limit of the phone to a new height.

I’m not really a tasker guru but I’ve played with it for long and have collected a bunch of profiles that make my (already awesome) phone even awesome which I’m sharing those 16 tutorials in this post.

16 Tips to Get More Battery Juice Out of your Android Super-Phone


Apart from a long list of great features, Android smartphones have a relatively low battery life. But those features cannot be blamed at all because they make your phone awesome and also, because your phone is not a Nokia one.

There are no magical ways to improve android battery life but I’ll describe some ways how you can get more out of your battery. The first part comprises of simple settings while the second one section lists some more advanced tips.

A Tablet that can Actually Replace my Computer – Samsung Galaxy Tab 750



The Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 – A tablet for which I was anxiously waiting, finally landed in India on 10th August (Launch video at the end). The talks and reviews all round, made me drool over this tab.

It is sleek and has an elegant & intuitive user interface, Touchwiz in which Samsung has done a really good job in designing it, everything touched perfection.

Cerberus, Ladies and Gentlemen, is the best Anti-Theft App for Android.


cerberus for androidWhen it comes to anti-theft apps for Android, there are several popular apps for this purpose such as Prey, Lookout, Seekdroid etc. But, slightly lost in the noise, there’s another, better app called Cerberus.

It is maybe among the most underrated anti-theft app. It cannot boast its number of users that others boast of but still it’s my favourite app in this category, and there are a number of reasons for this.

7 Most Handy Apps for Taking Quick Notes [Android]


android-notesBeing a blogger, I often write down small chunks of note on my phone, like while reviewing an app. For this purpose, note taking applications come of great use. And I’m not talking about just bloggers, a note app is among the essential apps in Android for everyone.

I’ve used several apps for such purpose in the past few months and so I decided to share my favourite android note apps.

My Samsung Galaxy S2 Review in Bullet Style™

galaxy s ii

Samsung Galaxy S II

When it was unveiled in MWC 2011, There was a lot of speculation whether Samsung Galaxy S II will be able to take forward the legacy that Galaxy S started, to a new level. With this curiosity, I had set my eyes on this phone, I wanted this phone.

After 4 months of, when an official launch date of S2 was announced in India, several storeowners still struggled to mention an exact date of availability. So I ended up in buying it from eBay. After 3 days, it finally arrived on my doorstep and the box was enough to make me feel like, Wow!

So, after a week of playing with this phone, Here’s my Samsung Galaxy S II Review in Bullet Style™.

My Views on Google Wallet: Could it be the Next Big Thing in Shopping?



Google recently unveiled Google Wallet, an application for Android as an aim to replace our wallets with our phones, making use of Near Field Communication. Further, it will be synced with Google Offers that means every offer and loyalty point will be redeemed automatically with a single tap via NFC.

NFC payment indeed sounds cool and with Google’s services merged in, it would be an amazing technology. Could this be the next big thing in shopping? My answer is Yes! Here’s what I think.