All the Awesome Things about Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (18 New Features) Explained


interfaceThe next-gen Android 4.0 has finally been announced along with the all-new Galaxy Nexus (minus Prime), for which we all were waiting for several days. ICS sports a complete refreshing overhaul of Android and a plethora of new features.

From a complete re-designed and polished interface to handy features & gestures, Android 4.0 has a lot of things to offer. So what exactly has changed in Ice Cream and what’s so delicious about it? Let’s find out.

Move aside Siri, your Android Competitor is Here – Iris


When apple unveiled Siri on the iPhone 4S, we, Android owners became really jealous of it. Further, all the youtube videos and funny conversations with Siri (StuffSiriSaid) added more salt to it.

Behold! Narayan Babu, with his Dexetra team, has built a personal assistant app (sort of), similar to Siri – Iris. Yepp, that’s Siri spelled backwards. What’s interesting to note here is that he built this funky app within 8 hours in a hackathon. The name has also got a crazy expansion - Intelligent Rival Imitator of Siri.

TechSplurge is Hiring! Come, Be a part of our Team



It’s been almost 2 years when I, with Kunal planned to start a tech blog where we would share interesting stuffs instead of breaking news, as most of the bloggers were usually doing then. After hours of thinking, we mutually decided on the name – TechSplurge.

At the time of writing this post, It has grown up into a big blog which served about 300,000 visitors in September and is growing rapidly every month. We see daily visitors more than we ever thought about and dollars we never dreamt of ;)

Now, we think it’s time to include more members in our team that’s currently 2 people strong. If you eat, sleep and drink Technology, then here’s your chance to be a part of the TechSplurge team. All you need is to be passionate about technology and should love writing about it.


Make your Android go Awesome with These 15+ Tasker Profiles [Tutorials]



Tasker is one of the best applications ever built for android and is among the important reasons why I chose an android as my companion. From automating phone profiles to acting as a location reminder tool, it does everything that I can think of and pushes the limit of the phone to a new height.

I’m not really a tasker guru but I’ve played with it for long and have collected a bunch of profiles that make my (already awesome) phone even awesome which I’m sharing those 16 tutorials in this post.

16 Tips to Get More Battery Juice Out of your Android Super-Phone


Apart from a long list of great features, Android smartphones have a relatively low battery life. But those features cannot be blamed at all because they make your phone awesome and also, because your phone is not a Nokia one.

There are no magical ways to improve android battery life but I’ll describe some ways how you can get more out of your battery. The first part comprises of simple settings while the second one section lists some more advanced tips.

A Tablet that can Actually Replace my Computer – Samsung Galaxy Tab 750



The Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 – A tablet for which I was anxiously waiting, finally landed in India on 10th August (Launch video at the end). The talks and reviews all round, made me drool over this tab.

It is sleek and has an elegant & intuitive user interface, Touchwiz in which Samsung has done a really good job in designing it, everything touched perfection.

Cerberus, Ladies and Gentlemen, is the best Anti-Theft App for Android.


cerberus for androidWhen it comes to anti-theft apps for Android, there are several popular apps for this purpose such as Prey, Lookout, Seekdroid etc. But, slightly lost in the noise, there’s another, better app called Cerberus.

It is maybe among the most underrated anti-theft app. It cannot boast its number of users that others boast of but still it’s my favourite app in this category, and there are a number of reasons for this.

7 Most Handy Apps for Taking Quick Notes [Android]


android-notesBeing a blogger, I often write down small chunks of note on my phone, like while reviewing an app. For this purpose, note taking applications come of great use. And I’m not talking about just bloggers, a note app is among the essential apps in Android for everyone.

I’ve used several apps for such purpose in the past few months and so I decided to share my favourite android note apps.