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How To Download Facebook Videos the easy way [Step by Step Guide]

December 21st, 2012 by

There are plenty of Video downloaders in the market to fit the bill, if you are looking for an easy way to grab your favorite videos from dailymotion, vimeo, metacafe, etc. What about an easy way to grab your Friends’ Facebook Videos for watching at your convenience? Though it makes me wonder why Facebook allows an easy way downloading pictures directly but not videos.

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In this post, we will show you how to download Facebook Videos in a single click without using any third party software which nag you to death with advertisements. All we need is our beloved Firefox browser and a secret but powerful add-on.

Our Ingredients

  • A system with a Linux Distribution/Windows or a Mac
  • Firefox browser
  • Video DownloadHelper add-on for Firefox.

Yes, the method we are going to describe is useful on any platform, so you are not restricted to using third party software exclusive to Windows.

One a side note, this is one of the many scenarios where Firefox trumps Chrome. Video Downloaders are hard to get in Chrome Web Store and are often shown the door by Google. If there are any un-official extensions, there are good chances that they might turn out malicious or may track your data. Most well-known Firefox add-ons on the other hand have been very reliable and trustworthy for years.

The Easy to Follow Steps

image1) Get the right tool for the job : Assuming you are already running, Firefox, we will go ahead and install VideoDownloadHelper plugin for Firefox. This is an incredible plugin, which will let you download Facebook videos in all the supported resolutions and has been around for a long, long while, so you can be assured that this method will ALWAYS work.


2) You will notice a tiny new Video DownloadHelper icon next to the forward button in Firefox after the installation. Now go ahead and navigate to the page containing your desired Facebook video. Just start playing the video and wait for a while (like 1 – 3 seconds). Yeah I know sounds pretty stupid.

Of course you can use this technique to download ANY videos 😉

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3) You will see the DownloadHelper icon will animate after while you have started to play your desired Facebook video. Now click on the tiny bottom arrow, very next to Video DownloadHelper icon. You will notice  “title” of the video playing beneath the icon and also the format. Just Save the video to any location. You can also rename the video right before the download begins.

Signing off

You can download multiple videos, grab links, and even perform on the fly video conversion with this powerful add-on. I will leave it to you to explore this crazily useful add-on. Hope you liked this tutorial on How To Download Facebook Videos, Enjoy your downloads.

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