26 Awesome Android Wallpapers for your Android Phone »

The best feature in Android is its customizability – you can theme it as you want – with skins, launchers or an android wallpaper . In this post I am sharing my collection of best android wallpapers that I’ve collected over the past year.

The wallpapers’ dimensions have not been cropped for any particular phone. You can crop them to fit your phone’s resolution by using Android’s default image editing feature.

(Right Click on the wallpapers and select “Open link in a new tab” to view them in full screen. )

I Hope you liked them. If you have any more wallpaper which you think should be included in this list then do tell me about it by commenting. I’ll surely include it in this list.

[Credits to: By clondike7, By Psychopulse, By theedervBy Eg_Art, By AppliArt, Android's Official SitePicoliniSelvo. If I missed your name, please contact me here.]


  1. says

    Thanks for beautiful wallpapers, Right now i’m learning to create Android Applications. and It seems my laptop completely revamped with Android themes and wallpapers.
    One more in your second wallpaper when i click the images it leads to me 404 page check out

  2. noam sheffi says

    Hi All

    i would like to share with you new live wallpaper app by the name FLY PUNCH LIVE WALLPAPER
    Fly Punch is a live 3D animated wall paper which is also a game. It is designed for Android platform v2.1 and above.

    The Fly Punch game is fun and simple, you can have up to 5 flies flying on your screen and you need to try and catch them. you can even set their flying speed.

    The game will count your score and remember your high score but you need to beware, if you don’t kill a fly for 30 seconds, your score goes back to zero!!!

    you must check it :)


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