Download Angry Birds PC Game for Windows for Free

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One of the most popular and addictive games developed for smart phones is Angry Birds, in which players have to destroy all the pigs on the playfield by launch birds at them with their slingshot on or within various structures. The game, which was initially released for Apple’s iOS in December 2009 and later for other platforms, has sold over 50 Million copies, even surpassing Temple Run game on Andorid and iOS.

Seeing the anticipation of PC users, Rovio Mobile Ltd., the company behind it, didn’t took much time and ended their wait by releasing angry birds pc version . It only supports Windows at this time and requires Windows 7 or XP (Don’t know why but Vista’s is not included).

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Its been a while since it was released but for those who don’t know, here’s how to play it on PC.

How to download it

  1. Head over to the Angry Birds Website.
  2. Choose any season of Angry Birds that you wish to play.
  3. Click on “Download Free Demo” to download a time trial version of the game.
  4. That’s it! If you liked it, you can buy the full version from the Angry Birds Shop. Each game will cost you $4.95.

My Views on this game (PC)

When I downloaded this game, I told to myself that I won’t play it for more than 5 mins as I had other tasks to do as well. But still it consumed over an hour of mine.

I have been a fan of this birds game since it was released ((specially that face of angry, really angry bird in its icon). Most of my free time gets consumed in playing this on my android phone. In PC too, it delivers the same gaming experience. Trust me, Angry Birds is worth every single penny that you have to spend to buy it.

Moreover, Rovio also ensures to make its players happy by regularly releasing free updates that add additional game content, and the company has even released stand-alone holiday versions of the game. They even have future plans for a feature film and a television series 😉

For Additional Reading:

  1. Angry Birds – From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
  2. Latest Updates on Angry Birds (Rovio’s Official Site).

If you buy it, do share your experience with us, how did you like it etc. :)

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  1. Lance says

    Dont bother trying the upapp. You go trough the registration and then it refuses to accept your payment info. I uninstalled everything in frustration. Obviously they didn’t spend enough time setting the site up. An up app irony

      • Lance says

        While entering my address info it asked for which county I live in. When the county option popped up, the contnue button at the bottom of the page disappeared. After selecting the right county, the continue button did not return so I could get to the next page. Did you have something to do with writing the program?

        • Saket says

          Did you have something to do with writing the program

          I didn’t get you, what do you mean by “Writing the Program”?
          In my case, that continue button was there. Did you try to re-install App-up?

  2. The Insurance Guy says

    Man I love this game!

    Was loving it on my phone but on a 22″ monitor with the subwoofer turned up it’s freakin’ awesome. And challenging too. I blew through all the earlier levels quickly, as it’s actually a bit easier on a PC. The later levels though are tough!

    Some of those later levels have taken 10 attempts or more…

    It’s not just the bigger visuals, *feeling* the explosions and such takes it to a whole new level (I mentioned the subwoofer right?)


  3. says

    I’d like to uninstall Angry Birds from my PC, (free version). However, it doesn’t show up in the Control Panel->Uninstall Programs list.
    I don’t like getting rid of programs by just deleting the files, but is there any other way?

    • says

      Hey Harry, try using a 3rd patty application for uninstalling programs. I use Revo uninstaller and it’s a great app. Apart from uninstalling, it also removes all the left over files and registry items. Maybe this might help you as well

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