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Cast Store is your one stop shop for all the Chromecast Apps

March 24th, 2014 by

Chromecast has been a success story just like plenty of Google announcements recently such as Nexus 7, Nexus 5 etc. The easy to carry HDMI dongle fits your HD TV and allows you to stream videos and other media content over your home Wi-Fi connection killing the need of cumbersome long wires. The device is expanding its presence by going on sale in several other countries including UK and Australia.

Cast Screen for Android 3-42

If you are in India, you can pick a Chromecast for as little as about Rs. 3,500 from trusted places such as Amazon which is a fantastic value for the $35 unit. Google also recently opened the Chromecast API to the developers allowing plenty of third party apps to be written for the fancy dongle. Keeping a record of all these apps can be a tough task, and although, Play Store has a section dedicated to Chromecast, there are several apps that are missing. This is where Cast Store becomes a life savour.

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Play Store: Download Cast Store for Android for free from Google Play here 

Cast Screen for Android 3-54

Think of Cast Store as an App store for virtually every single app that has been written for Chromecast. It is a massive aggregation of Chromecast apps including the free and paid ones. The app has a very similar UI and layout as the Google Play itself though things are a lot simpler here. When you open the app for the first time, you are greeted by a page that has all the latest happenings in the Chromecast world including some new apps which might have added supported.

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You can then slide out a bar from the left side, which reveals several categories such as Apps and Games which the app supports. Clicking on either, will open another set of sub categories within which apps are neatly organised. Although, the number of games supported by Chromecast is fairly low at the moment, you do feel that over a period of time, this number will rise up. You also have an option of directly Suggesting an app in case it supports Chromecast and is not listed in the store here by clicking on “Suggest an App”and entering the Play Store URL and the developer promises to add that pronto.

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Once you click on the app you are interested in knowing about, you will be taken to the Google Play Store where you can read about the app and download it. This is the only real downside we found of the application, as it would have been so much better if the Store itself had some sort of description of the app and what it does, as we found exiting Cast Store plenty of times to read about the app on Play Store and coming back to explore more. Apart from that, the store works flawlessly and you have more than 100 apps to pick from which is a rather juicy collection, and one that is only going to grow bigger as the developers get their hands dirty.

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