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Airtel Partners With Nokia to Bring 5G Technology to Life

March 2nd, 2017 by

With 4G beginning to lose its new-kid-on-the-block shine, 5G is gearing up to take on the tech industry. And who else than Airtel and Nokia to lead the party? The two global giants have made an agreement to create devices with 5G network capabilities.

Airtel and Nokia partners to bring 5G to life

Building on 4G

Thanks to the already-established 4G network of Airtel, the two companies will collaborate on developing the latest technology. Building on the operational efficiency, affordability, and quality of 4G, the new 5G devices will turn out even more powerful.

What 5G can do to networking

This partnership promises to bring major changes in the mobile network world. Here’s a peak of the dramatic changes that 5G could offer:

  • Peak data speeds.
  • A more agile and latent network.
  • Network slicing.

And to take it further, Airtel will be able to support a much larger customer base along with over a billion of connected IoT devices, all with consistent and quality network services. This will, in turn, lead to expansion of Airtel’s foundation for smarter cities and will lead to better internet connectivity in rural areas.

As a start,

Airtel plans to employ Nokia’s end-to-end 5G FIRST to demonstrate the capabilities, and will simulate use cases for 5G network in broadband services. In addition, Airtel will also leverage the AirScale radio access portfolio and the AirFrame data center to test out the possibilities in 5G.

Further plans

Airtel and Nokia will continue to work together, combining expertise to come up with a solid solution for the future-ready consumer. Along the way, they have other plans too:

  • Workshops to educate users about the evolution of network and its effects on business, technology, and operations.
  • Assessing the spectrum of 5G, and maximising their resources to meet the 5G spectrum requirements.

Well, it all sounds like we’re ready for the 22nd century.


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