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Windows 10 Now Has a Night Light Feature. Here’s How You Can Enable It

May 8th, 2017 by

As more people of this generation spend late night staring at their computers, it’s no surprise that eye strain and dark circles are becoming a part of our appearance. That’s why most operating systems nowadays offer a night mode, so that we can work when we have to work, without working out too much. In that line, Microsoft, in its Windows 10 Creators update, has brought in Night Light. Here’s how you can enable it on your system.

Note: Night Light works only on devices you’ve upgraded with the Windows 10 Creators Update

Enable Night Light on your Windows 10 device

  1. Open the Start menu and launch Settings.
  2. Head over to System -> Display. Here’s where you can specify display preferences for your system.
  3. Under the heading Display, you’ll find the Night Light option. Switch it On to enable Night Light.

This doesn’t change the lighting automatically. Windows 10 will have automatically detected your location, and will dim the lights as the sun sets in your corner of the world.

Windows 10 night light

To turn Night Light on immediately, regardless of your local time,

  • Click on the Night light settings option below the on/off toggle and select Turn on now.


  • You can also adjust the color sliding scale to set your preferred temperature for the Night Light feature.

Night light settings in Windows 10

That’s all there is to it. You can now go ahead and stare at your laptop all night, and your eyes will thank you, too.


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