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How can a smartphone on andriod help control children

February 14th, 2018 by

There are a number of reasons why some parents are reluctant to let their kids use a smartphone. They fear the kid will spend too much time on the device, when they should instead be doing their homework or playing outside with friends. They fret kids will be exposed to age-inappropriate material, in effect entering the cyber-equivalent of some dark alley. They worry, too, that the child might lose the device. Keeping track of your child’s online activities can be difficult because questioning him would arouse suspicion. But you have a solution. Get tech savvy. Use mobile apps that allow you to monitor and block social networks and online gaming, and provide alerts and reports. On the contrary, if you use the right apps, it becomes easier to track where your kids are and to make sure that they are safe, for example you could use hoverwatch gps tracker hidden.

Hoverwatch is an application meant to track any kinds of activity at your devices. It provides a wide range of features as it is compatible with Android, Windows PC and Mac OS x.

One of the great Hooverwatch’s features is tracking a cell phone location with both GPS and WiFi spots. Even when the user deliberately deactivates these functions, the location is tracked with GSM phone towers (a detailed map in the personal account is available). This feature might be also useful in case a mobile phone is lost or stolen.

  • It allows tracking and recording both incoming and outgoing calls from a target phone.
  • The application allows unnoticed monitoring of the device’s activity, and a call phone user cannot see the soft on the mobile phone.
  • It has a very easy UI and allows changing settings and remote uninstall.
  • It also lets you monitor social media, messengers, multimedia, calendar planning and even to-do lists!
  • Free online account is available.
  • The application is a handy tool to track your kids or employees’ activities.

Hoverwatch is a pretty convenient and powerful application with a wide range of useful features, its mode of operation allows secret tracking of your kids or employees’ activities, including social media and messengers. In case of Family payment plan, it allows monitoring up to 5 devices and 60% discount per each device.  Try app Hoverwatch now

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