How to Decrease PC Boot Time in Windows 7 by upto 50%

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Windows7logoBoot time is among the most common empty-space in your daily life. You power on your CPU and wait for Windows to load and all you can do during it is stare your display screen. An average boot may take about 1 minute, but since I have lots of apps that get piled up on start-up it was about 2 min it is now 1 minute at my side. So I decided to reduce it.

After some Minutes of work, I slashed it down to almost 0:53 min i.e. a 54% decrease. How did I do it?

1. Using Soluto

Step 1. Download and install Soluto. It’s a freeware application for Windows that lets you understand your boot, discover which apps are slowing it down and then allows you to improve it.

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  1. Joe Lombardi says

    By boot times are as follows/before tweeks

    amd 3 gig cpu/8gig ram/ vista ultimate 64bit————-35 seconds from botton press to desktop screen

    mac g5 dual cpu’s/4gig ram osx 10.5.1——————-53.3 seconds from botton press to desktop screen

    ipad———————————-23 seconds

    now i will try your tips and see what happens!!!!! thanks….i will repost my results…..


    • Saket says

      Thats cool Joe, come back and post your new boot time.
      Btw, from boot time, I mean average boot time. So make sure you test it 2-3 times :)

  2. ricardo says

    the 1st main factor determinant factor to a fast is the motherboard quality independently of chipset/cpu/”price” configuration

    2nd the disk space 60% free or more to best results

    3rd windows 7 pc must be allowed to idle at least once a week during a whole night

    4rd defrag manually as tipicall

  3. MrMan365 says

    Thanks for the tips.
    Although i dont think point 2 is not entirely accurate. The PC uses ALL the cores by default. What that option allows you to do is select the number of cores to use and decrease it. Thats why when it isnt ticked, the box below is greyed out.
    So changing it to the maximum number of cores, wont make a difference. Its already doing so!

    Am I wrong anyone?

    • DavidOffbeat says

      I can’t say much on this. I tried all the steps given here and it helped me reduce load time by seconds. No idea if step #2 was of much help

  4. Nick says

    Please help! I have a dua core i5 Sony Vaio S notebook and when I went into msconfig to change the number of processors it only shows 1 in the dropdown menu. Any ideas? Thanks

    • SuperSaid says

      Dual core is a composed of 1 Physical CPU and 2 logical CPUs so that’s why it shows only 1. The C2D are 2 physical CPUs with 1 logical CPU.

      Hope it helps

      • Nick says

        Thanks SuperSaid I understand now. Thanks aswell for a great guide I decreased my boot time from around 2 mins 40 sec to around 1 min 15 sec.

  5. Barberic says

    Thanks for some useful info. On my Quad core desktop, boot time reduced from 3:09 to 1:10 mins. A very good result.

  6. Hancock says

    Tip #1 does absolutly nothing, windows already uses all cores and that option is solely for debugging purposes.

  7. hee says

    i agree with the author on using soluto, very very helpful my average boot time was 2mins, using soluto decrease it to average 50s also :D

  8. Iain says

    All good tips but I’ve been using Soluto for a while and have removed just about everything I can and still it takes over 3 mins.
    One problem – how can I tell which windows services I need and which I don’t?

  9. Chris says

    Hmm that’s funny, it takes 28 seconds to boot up for me (half your time), yet none of the above did anything to reduce this, services were already optimized but removing fonts and limiting CPU cores were nonsense, they do not achieve anything.

    • says

      Hmm when your boot time is already so low, I don’t think it can go down any further. And removing fonts won’t make any big difference to your boot time. That’s why I’ve stated it separately in Misc. section.

  10. Akshat says

    i have tried the above methods but facing a problem in the 4th method .
    i have a hp compaq notebook with windows 7 ultimate . my boot time was 53 seconds and after folowing above steps it was reduced to 45 s but i don’t see any option saying quick boot in my bios setup. the only options available in boot menu are for the devices i want to use to boot my system but no option for quick boot. PLEASE HELP……..

  11. harsha satish says

    C:\Users\HARSHA>bcdedit /set {bootmgr} displaybootmenu no

    The boot configuration data store could not be opened.
    Access is denied.

    now what i have to do

  12. Enzo says

    Well my boot up time was quite slow (4:50+) but I was able to slash off about a minute, so thanks for the tips! :)

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