[Tip] Control the window of your programs in Windows 7, the easy way

This tip is for those who are used to performing multiple tasks on Windows. Windows 7 has some really cool inbuilt features that have greatly reduced the effort involved in performing many tasks simultaneously.

To name a few you can drag a window to the left side of the screen to have it snap to fill the entire left half of your screen, or drag it to the top of the screen to fill the entire screen.

But I guess, we are always in search of ways to make it even more easier. As for old OS (Windows XP/Vista) such features are completely lacking. Chameleon Window Manager tries to solve this problem for old OS while makes it a whole lot easier to multitask on Windows 7.

Chameleon Window Manager basically adds buttons to the title bar of your applications and open windows. Those buttons allow you to move open windows with a click. You can move a window to the left or right side of the screen, pin it to always stay on top, roll the window up so only the title bar is visible, minimize it to the system tray, or set to a pre-defined transparency level.


Chamelon Window Manager adds more functionality to your title bar, allowing you to:-


  • Move the window to the left or right side of the screen
  • Set the transparency to a specified level
  • Pin the window to always be on top
  • Rollup the window so that all you see is the title bar
  • Minimize the window to the System Tray

So its pretty cool! Do let me know if you know of any similar App.

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