How To Play Temple Run on PC / Computer for Free

There’s no denying that Temple Run is one of the most popular game currently available for Android and iOS. The game, which was first released for iOS and then for Android, has seen over more than 58 million downloads (as of 2nd April) on both the platforms, which is huge! Sadly, plans for Temple Run for PC is nowhere near the horizon.

On Android alone, the game saw more downloads than GTA III which is really impressive considering the fact that GTA is hugely popular on the PC and other consoles. Reason? – It’s dead simple and really addictive.

For those who haven’t heard about this game, God help you! 🙂


Temple Run has no finish line nor are there levels. All you need to do is run as far as possible by avoiding obstacles that require the player to either jump, duck , or turn. Big deal, you may ask. If you trip on a tree, you will be caught by the monkeys, who will be constantly following you. You also need to collect coins. It’s pretty addictive!

However, Imangi Studio, the team behind the game have no plans for building temple run for PC / Computer. Don’t worry, we’ve got a simple tutorial on how to play the game on your PC.

Steps to Play Temple Run for PC

For playing Temple Run on PC, we’ll use BlueStacks, a software that enables PC users to run Android apps on computer. It is basically an emulator for Android, comes free of any cost and is very intuitive. So, before we start, download BlueStacks on your computer from the official website:

Download: BlueStacks

The software weighs about 99 MB so it’ll take a couple of minutes to be downloaded. Next, install it on your PC. When the installation has completed, open it.

Bluestacks looks like a plain user interface built on top of Android where you can even pull down the notification bar for checking out ongoing events. Okay, enough playing, now  search for the game “Temple Run”.

As you can see in the above screenshot, only the first result is relevant to our query while the others are somewhat a crappy app related to the game. Wait while the Game is downloaded and installed automatically.

Once installed, the game should show up under the installed Apps option, as shown in the screenshot below.


You can also play other Android apps or games which come along with BlueStacks like RacingMoto, Talking Tom etc.

Click on Temple Run and you are good to go!

temple run for pc
Use your mouse to swipe (with the left mouse button) and keyboard arrow keys when you need to tilt your screen. The game will run in portrait mode and not in full screen mode, in case you might have expected it to be, since BlueStacks is only an emulator of Android as I had already told you. Have fun with the game! 😉

 It might not run on PCs with low configuration. Personally I found the game a bit sluggish though I have a pretty high end configuration (i7 processor with 6GB of RAM). 

Hope you enjoy playing Temple Run for PC, do share your thoughts by leaving a comment below!

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