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Moto E new

The New Motorola Moto E is here with LTE Support

Motorola announced the Motorola Moto E last year in an attempt to capture the lower mid range market of Android devices. It was through this device that Motorola sent the message out loud and clear that Android can deliver decent performance as well as hardware configuration and build quality. A wave of devices followed the […]

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Partition Master : Resize, merge, split partitions in Windows the easy way

Do you need help in the form of a partition manager free application to be used to partition external hard drive? Why not join more than 30 million users worldwide who are using EaseUS Partition Master Free 10.5 for all of your disk management, partition recovery and clone needs. In order to get started, you […]

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Compose Poll

How to Create Polls on Twitter?

If you are a regular user of Twitter, then you must have observed in the past couple of weeks that more and more polls are being shared and shown on Twitter. This is a result of the all-new feature that Twitter has added where users can share a poll with everybody who visit their tweets, […]


What is a Naked DSL?

Every few days there comes a new technology which threatens to totally blow you away and make you look like a noob where you know absolutely nothing. This is when you need to go back, open up Wikipedia to read about the new technology and come back up to the paces of the ever evolving […]

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