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Lenovo Announces the Vibe X3 at Rs 19,999 in India

Lenovo recently announced that the Vibe moniker will be kept restricted to the devices in the mid-budget segment while the new flagships or higher end phones will come with the Motorola branding. However, just before that strategy takes to life, looks like the last of the high-end Vibe devices are out. Lenovo has announced the Lenovo […]

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Three Brands we Expect Would Make Rides in The Indian Mobile Market in 2016

Every year, there is a brand that comes and surprises us. A couple of years, OnePlus developed a cult following, while the year ago, brands like Xiaomi, Lenovo and Yu rolled off the tongues of people. In the recent past several brands like Asus, Motorola and even LG have kind of surprised us with their […]

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Inspect Element mac

How to Enable Inspect Element on Safari on a Mac?

If you are a web enthusiast, chances are that while using Chrome or Firefox, at least once you have right-clicked your mouse and clicked on ‘Inspect Element’ and played around with web elements there. For web developers or people who depend upon the web to win their daily bread, inspect Element is like the second coming […]

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Moto E new

The New Motorola Moto E is here with LTE Support

Motorola announced the Motorola Moto E last year in an attempt to capture the lower mid range market of Android devices. It was through this device that Motorola sent the message out loud and clear that Android can deliver decent performance as well as hardware configuration and build quality. A wave of devices followed the […]

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Partition Master : Resize, merge, split partitions in Windows the easy way

Do you need help in the form of a partition manager free application to be used to partition external hard drive? Why not join more than 30 million users worldwide who are using EaseUS Partition Master Free 10.5 for all of your disk management, partition recovery and clone needs. In order to get started, you […]

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Facebook- Year in Review

Facebook’s Year End Review is Here and With a Twist

All year we spend countless hours sitting and chit-chatting on the likes of Facebook and Twitter. We post countless pictures, numerous status-es and in general just make a lot of memories. So, as the year closes, it is always an interesting thing to go back and check out some of these memories and what transpired […]


How to kill Boredom

Boredom has long been the bane of the human race and has lead to many tragic life choices and immense amounts of money being wasted in depressing and nonsensical moments of angst, jealousy and longing. Well, it’s probably not QUITE that dire, but the truth is that boredom isn’t a good thing at all. When […]

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