Three Ways in Which the Yu Yureka Note Announcement was Unlike any from Yu so far

Late Friday evening, the new emerged that Yu Televentures, the sister company of Micromax had announced the Yu Yureka Note, its first real phablet device. The news came, when a Twitter user spotted the phone being sold in a retail store, which surprised everyone. There was no official confirmation from Yu until Saturday morning where […]

Canvas 6 Pro

Micromax Announces its New Avatar with the Canvas 6 and Canvas 6 Plus

Micromax at an event yesterday has launched 19 devices out of which 15 are smartphones. This is one of the biggest launches done in recent times and this coming from Micromax which had no major launches in the past few months. Possibly, desperate times call for desperate measures. Coming to the phones that Micromax has […]

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background keyboard

The Best Keyboard for the iPhone may have been made by Microsoft

Apple opened the Pandora’s box with the iOS 8 when it announced that it is ready to support third party keyboards. Several well known Android keyboard manufacturers including the likes of Swiftkey were very quick to jump the gun and have a keyboard in place for the iPhone too. However, thanks to a keyboard that is […]


5 Apps That Allow you to Enjoy 360 Degree Videos

Have you ever wished that you could see the reaction of the crowd, when the bass drops at the EDM concert that is being streamed live? Unfortunately, till now, you were forced to focus on the content that the cameraman was shooting and basically saw, what the cameraman wanted you to see. This trend is […]

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Moto E new

The New Motorola Moto E is here with LTE Support

Motorola announced the Motorola Moto E last year in an attempt to capture the lower mid range market of Android devices. It was through this device that Motorola sent the message out loud and clear that Android can deliver decent performance as well as hardware configuration and build quality. A wave of devices followed the […]

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Partition Master : Resize, merge, split partitions in Windows the easy way

Do you need help in the form of a partition manager free application to be used to partition external hard drive? Why not join more than 30 million users worldwide who are using EaseUS Partition Master Free 10.5 for all of your disk management, partition recovery and clone needs. In order to get started, you […]

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Review: Canon IXUS 180- Why a Point and Shoot Makes Sense Even in 2016

“Do these point and shoots still sell?” – asked a colleague when watching me use a red Canon IXUS 180. Before I began reviewing this gorgeous looking red device (I have a thing for red products, just ask MKBHD), even I started wondering its utility given that that there are already phones that do a […]

Facebook- Year in Review

Facebook’s Year End Review is Here and With a Twist

All year we spend countless hours sitting and chit-chatting on the likes of Facebook and Twitter. We post countless pictures, numerous status-es and in general just make a lot of memories. So, as the year closes, it is always an interesting thing to go back and check out some of these memories and what transpired […]

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