7 Amazing Augmented Reality Apps for Android

augmented reality android

Note: This post is kinda old. You might wanna check out Our Mega List of 33 Awesome Augmented Reality Apps & Games for Android

Augmented Reality Applications are more than just a simple accessory for your smart phone, it combines the physical real-world environment with interactive digital data providing you information or sometimes, just for fun using your phone’s camera, compass and GPS data to identify your location & field of view.

Many AR Apps have filled the market place in recent times on all the major OS and this category is quickly gaining momentum. Here are some of the best Augmented Reality Apps I found for Android Phones:

1. Wikitude World Browser

Wikitude Reality Browser for Android

Wikitude World Browser is an augmented reality browser based on location-based Wikipedia and Qype content. You can search from 350,000 world-wide points of interest by GPS or by address and displayed in a list view, map view and “Augmented Reality” cam view, very handy for planning a trip or to find out about landmarks in your surroundings.

You can also share your AR Camera view you experience with your friends too 🙂

Search for Wikitude World Browser in the Android App Market to download it.

2. Layar Reality Browser


One of the first of it’s kind in the world, Layar App is a beautiful, fun augmented reality Browser app that displays real time digital information on top of the real world as seen through the camera of your mobile phone based on your location.

Watch this video to see it in action (Youtube)


3. Wikitude Drive

Wikitude Drive Augmented Reality App for Android

Wikitude Drive is an Android navigation app that make use of the AR technology to overlay video being captured through your phone’s camera with driving instructions. This allows users to literally drive through their phone, watching the road even while they are looking at directions.

Search for Wikitude Drive in the Android App Market to download it.

Download: Wikitude Drive

4. Weather Reality

Weather Reality Augmented Reality App for Android

Weather Reality allows you to explore the weather around you in an augmented reality view through the camera of your mobile phone. You can check current conditions, real-time radar and severe weather alerts. Plus track the path of the sun and moon. You can even share geo-tagged weather pictures on social networking sites.

Download: Weather Reality

5. AugSatNav

AugSatNav Augmented Reality App for Android AugSatNav Augmented Reality App for Android

AugSatNav is an augmented reality navigation system which overlays WALKING directions upon a live camera feed of the PATH/ROAD ahead.

With AugSatNav there’s no need to follow instructions or interpret maps – you can find your way by walking along the route highlighted by a bright white line.

Download: AugSatNav

6. 3D AR Compass

3D AR Compass Augmented Reality App for Android

This app is an augmented reality 3D compass which comes with Multi-compass types, Auto rotate map facility, Heading and degrees, Current address, Fast bright with one tap and much more

* Only as good as your hardware. Beware surrounding metal and magnetic field

Download: 3D AR Compass – Free | Paid

7. Tweeps Around

Tweeps Around Augmented Reality App for Android

Tweeps Around is a free App which shows users tweeting in full Augmented Reality around you. Its basically a launch application which works with Layar but its awesome.

This app requires that the Layar app is installed on your device and provides a shortcut to the Market if it is missing.

Download: Tweeps Around

AR Apps are awesome and I think this technology is going to be the future of most of the Apps. What do you think?