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Starting This April, National Data Roaming Will Be Free on Airtel

February 27th, 2017 by

Shaking the mobile networking world, Bharti Airtel has announced that it will denounce national data roaming charges. Starting from April 1st, Airtel roaming charges for data will no longer apply.

Airtel free national roaming

Roam freely within India.

If you’re an Airtel customer roaming within India, you can now enjoy free incoming calls and SMSes. What’s more you can also make phone calls without worrying about outgoing premium charges. In addition to all these, you will also get a waiver on data charges. In sum, no matter where in India you roam, your home data packs will apply.

Commenting on this groundbreaking announcement,

“This marks the death of national roaming and the whole country will now be like a local network for our customers, who will not have to think twice before making or receiving calls or using data while traveling outside their home base. Airtel has again set the benchmark in delivering best in class value backed by a great network experience.”

Said Gopal Vittal, MD and CEO for Airtel’s India and South Asia division.

International roaming.

Apart from breaking national roaming charges, Airtel has also announced a bounty for internationally roaming customers. Even if you’re not on a current Airtel data pack, you’ll still be saved from the burdens of shocking bills. Airtel will automatically adjust your daily pack according to the country you’re roaming in.

So when your bill reaches the threshold limit for a one-day pack available in that country, you will be moved to that pack automatically.

For example,

If you’re travelling to the US without a data pack, and your data reaches the limit of INR 649 (that’s the price of a one-day pack in the US), you will be automatically moved into that pack. And once that happens, you will get the benefits of that data pack, including free incoming calls and SMSes. 100 minutes outgoing locally and for India, and 300 MB of data.

If you’re travelling to Singapore under the same circumstances, once you reach a limit of INR 499, you will be moved to that one-day pack there.

Even after you’ve exhausted the benefits of the data pack, you will get cheaper rates on calls and data. With a 90% reduction in call charges, you can speak for INR 3/minute. Data rates have been slashed 99% and you can enjoy data at INR 3/MB across all of Airtel’s popular roaming destinations. Just to be sure, though, it’s better to check the rates on Airtel’s website first.


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