The Best Android Download Manager: AndroGet

Android has some pretty good web browsers, available on the market but there’s one problem with almost of them – their download manager sucks. Dolphin, Opera and even the default Android browser are some good examples.

The problems are several. Resuming facility is poor, download speed and estimated time left cannot be viewed, files cannot be queued and much more.
android download manager - androget

Enter AndroGet

AndroGet app, an Android download manager, is probably the solution to all the above problems packing in a good user interface. Features? Just opposite of all those above mentioned drawbacks:

  • Files can be paused/resumed anytime.
  • Download speeds are quite high, atleast better than normal browsers.
  • Files can also be queued.
  • It can even download Youtube videos! Just press Menu > Add New and paste the URL of a video and watch it downloading it (in FLV format).

(Ignore the low speed on the screenshot, damn. I took the screenshot at the wrong time, it was actually giving good speed.)

It is available for free on the market, grab it now:

Play Store: AndroGet (Free)

Incompatible with your phone running a custom ROM? The app has some issue with few custom ROMs and the developer is actively trying to fix. Till then, grab its APK here.


androget_thumb[6] androget 2_thumb[8] androget 3_thumb[6]

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